Neat Maids Provides janitorial services to  commercial businesses in orange county.  Specialized janitorial cleaning
services include general office cleaning &
building maintenance, carpet cleaning, floor  care,  window washing, green cleaning and advanced cleaning equipment.

We provide janitorial services and commercial cleaning of office complexes, industrial buildings, medical offices, schools, and more


We provide commercial cleaning services for a variety of industries, including the following:

Some our satisfied customers include the following:Montessori school of Laguna beach.

Morgan Marketing

Zero Games

G Lurie and Associates

3400 Avenue fo the Arts.

Acapulco Travel


Our service surpasses the competition  due to the technique and equipment we use.

          •Our vacuums are hypoallergenic for  better air quality, a must for allergy suffers.

       •Our mops use micro fiber cloths that are changed often. We don’t bring dirt from other places. We pride ourselves in removing dirt. Traditional mops are left wet for hours causing mildew and bacteria to grow causing cross contamination.


Neat Maids
“Quality service at your reach”

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1055 El Camino Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626



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